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The KyJyGy [pronounced as K J G] flexible tripod is the favorite accessory of all photographers, newbies and seasonal alike:

It is used year round, indoor as well as out. The versatility of the KyJyGy flexible tripod is its flexibility.

Its use is limited only to your imagination. Here are some places you can use it to take awesome photos and videos.

At home:

Set your tripod anywhere in your home to take beautiful family photos.
Video record yourself cooking a great meal, dancing to your favorite music, exercising and 1000 other activities.
Put yourself in the picture.

On road trips:

When stopping for a break to stretch your legs, attach your flexible tripod to a tree branch, fence railing, and jagged rock or set it on any surface and let your camera capture the beautiful scenery with you as the “star”. Photos have greater meaning when you are in it.

The outer legs of this flexible tripod are constructed of pliable rubber that will hold onto most surfaces if applied correctly. The swivel head components are made of ABS hard plastic for strength while the inner core is manufactured with wrought aluminum alloy. The strong legs of the KyJyGy flexible tripod will support cameras & video up to 800 grams. It’s a small size means you can carry it in your pocket when travelling. When closed, it measures 8” x 1½” x 1½”.


Flexible Mini Tripod, Mini, Lightweight, Compact, Bendable and Portable. For Travel, Picnic, Sports and Events. Fit in Pockets, Handbags and Purses. Grips Tight.

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Cell Phone Car Holder Mount for iPhone Samsung LG Phones with CD Slots 4-6 mm. Go Hands Free Now.

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Phone Tripod Black Mount, iPhone, Phone Tripod Adapter by KyJyGy fits Apple, Samsung Galaxy, Note, Lg, Motorola, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Nexus with cleaning cloth

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Phone Tripod Mount, 2″ – 3.75″ wide for iPhone 7 6 5 4, Samsung Note, Galaxy, LG, Nokia, Nexus, Sony, HTC. Expendable Universal[Green Tab]

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